Welcome to A Guide to Australian Bushranging, an online resource that will introduce you to some of the intriguing and exciting people, places and events of Australia’s colonial history.

Bushrangers have always held a place in Australia’s collective imagination and the characters that make up the history of bushranging span just about every section of humanity. Some were violent and ruthless, others playful and mischievous but all of them were intriguing and shaped the earliest days of the nation.

More than Ned Kelly, Ben Hall and “Mad Dan” Morgan, the history of bushranging extends from the First Fleet to the present in various forms and this site will share some of the stories of this fascinating chronicle through Australia’s ever-turning history pages. Using existing research as well as new research, here you will find what will aim to be one of the most accurate resources on these individuals ever compiled.

So, once more welcome and enjoy.


~ AP

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