2 thoughts on “Stringybark Creek: Ned Kelly versus Thomas Newman McIntyre in their own words.

  1. There is one thing we know for sure about Ned Kellys description of what happened : it contains lies, and they serve the obvious purpose of attempting to create a justification of self defence for Lonigans murder. The great lie he tells is the claim that Lonigan got behind a log and raised his head above it to take aim at Kelly, who then shot him, he claims in self defence. We know this is a lie because the post mortem examination found gunshot wounds in Lonigans LEFT thigh, going from OUTSIDE to INSIDE, and another through his LEFT arm, from outside to inside. These facts show Kelly lied when he claimed that Lonigan was behind a log – if he was, those parts wouldn’t have been exposed, but even if they were, they were on the FAR side of Lonigans body from where Kelly was firing from, and if by some bizarre chance they had hit his LEFT leg, the bullet would have moved from inside to outside. Fortunately the Jury at Kellys trial weren’t taken in by his lies, and he was rightly convicted of murder.

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