Australia has produced some unique and often bizarre comedy – The Castle, Alvin Purple, Kenny – but few Australian comedy directors have the same stature as Yahoo Serious. Serious’ debut Young Einstein was a landmark comedy for its decidedly Aussie take on the rags-to-riches story of a Tasmanian apple farmer named Albert Einstein who invents bubbles in beer and rock ‘n’ roll. Serious followed up with a satirical look at gun culture using the cultural touchstone of Ned Kelly as a jumping off point.

Yahoo Serious’ Ned Kelly is a modern day bank robber who bails up ATMs and forcibly deposits the funds into the bank accounts of the poor. He’s obsessed with action movies but when he falls in love he’s prepared to chuck it all in. When Ned Kelly goes to Hollywood unscrupulous real estate agents swoop in to sell his traditional home to Japanese investors, but can a newly pacified Ned Kelly stop them before it’s too late?


On 8 April 2018 Reckless Kelly celebrated its 25th anniversary and its perhaps telling that many of the themes are still painfully relevant after all that time even if some of the jokes are a little cringe inducing now. With a soundtrack that included The Divinyls and Yothu Yindi and a cast that included the talents of Hugo Weaving and the incomparable Bob Mazza, Reckless Kelly is one of the most entertaining films to riff on the Kelly legend.


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