This traditional ditty tells of the robbery of the Gold escort at the Eugowra Rocks by the Gardiner gang and is one of the more popular songs about Gardiner and his colleagues. At the bottom are a collection of videos so you can listen to the song in its different variations.

The Hold-Up at Eugowra Rocks aka The Bail Up at Eugowra Rocks


It’s all about bold Frank Gardiner, with the devil in his eye,
He said, “We’ve work before us, lads, we’ve got to do or die.
So blacken up your faces before the dead of night,
And its over by Eugowra Rocks we’ll either fall or fight.”

Chorus (after each verse):
You can sing of Johnny Gilbert, Dan Morgan and Ben Hall,
But the bold and reckless Gardiner, he’s the boy to beat them all.

“We’ll stop the Orange escort with powder and with ball.
We’ll shoot the coach to pieces and we’ll down the peelers all.
We’ll lift the diggers’ money, we’ll collar all their gold,
So mind your guns are killers now, my comrades true and bold.”

So now off go the rifles, the battle has begun.
The escort started running, boys, all in the setting sun.
The robbers seized their plunder so saucy and so bold,
And they’re riding from Eugowra Rocks encumbered with their gold.

And as with savage laughter they left that fatal place.
They cried, “We’ve struck bonanza, boys, we’ve won the steeplechase!”
And Gardiner their leader, he shouted loud “Hooray!
I think we’ve made our fortunes at Eugowra Rocks today!”

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