Spotlight: Capture of Jackey Jackey

“COUNTRY NEWS.” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848) 17 July 1841: 2.

The following report concerns the capture of Jackey Jackey at the Black Horse Inn. It is the most detailed contemporary account published and seems to dispel the commonly held belief that it was Grey the publican’s daughter who was mostly to thank for the apprehension.



Extract of a letter, dated Berrima, July 14;

“I have to acquaint you of the capture of Jackey Jackey, alias William Westwood. On Tuesday, about seven o’clock in the evening, he came to the Inn of Mr. E. Gray, near the cross roads, Berrima, and ordered him to stand in one corner and pull off his jacket, which he did; then ordered Mr. G’s daughter to go in the next room with him, and get the double-barrelled gun and two pistols, besides the cash (which amounted to about forty pounds); he ordered the till to be taken out, when an assigned servant-man of Mr G. came in and wished him (Jackey) good evening; he turned his head at the time, when Mr G. sprang forward and caught hold of his arms; two more men came in at the time, one named Francis McCrohan, a ticket-of-leave holder the other Joseph Waters, an assigned servant to Mr. Munro, of Berrima. McCrohan took up a hammer and hit him on the head, but it had no effect; he struck him a second time, which felled him to the ground; he was in the act of taking a pistol from his breast, when McCrohan knocked him down. He had, when he came to the house, the same piece he took when he absconded from the lock-up; also, one pistol and ball cartridges. This morning his horse, saddled and bridled, was found tied to a fence, supposed to be the property of — McArthur, Esq. Too much praise cannot be given to Mr Gray and the men. He is now safe in this gaol, with a heavy pair of irons put on him,— The weather is fine, but great frost in the mornings. The Court-house is getting on well, and will be finished for the reception of the Court of Quarter Sessions. — Correspondent. [These men merit some indulgence from the Government. — Ed. Aust.]

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