Spotlight: Reward notice for William Westwood

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), Tuesday 1 June 1841 (No.43), page 762

Colonial Secretary’s Office,

Sydney, 31st May, 1841.




WHEREAS it has been represented to the Government that William Westwood, by the Ship Mangles (7), a Prisoner of the Crown, commonly known by the name of Jacky Jacky, who was convicted at the late Circuit Court, at Berrima, and sentenced to Transportation for Life, has effected his escape from the Watch-house at Picton, and is now at large :— His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified, that a reward of Twenty Pounds will be paid to any Free person or persons who shall apprehend the said Jacky Jacky, and lodge him in any of Her Majesty’s Gaols; and that if the said Jacky Jacky be apprehended and secured by a Prisoner of the Crown, application will be made to Her Majesty for the allowance of a Conditional Pardon to such Prisoner of the Crown.

By his Excellency’s Command,



Name, William Westwood ; Ship, Mangles (7); Age, 19 years ; Native Place, Essex ; Trade or Calling, Errand-boy ; Height, 5 feet 6 inches and upwards; Complexion, ruddy; Hair, brown; Eyes, dark grey ; Remarks, scar right side of upper lip, mark of a blister betwixt the breasts, scar back of right hand, 1831 January 3, 1820 August 1, and blue illegible mark lower left arm, sun back of left hand.

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