Spotlight: The Last Declaration of Jackey Jackey (1846)

Britannia and Trades’ Advocate (Hobart Town, Tas. : 1846 – 1851), Thursday 5 November 1846, page 2

Jackey Jackey. — Having inserted the letter of this man in our last page, we here give his dying, declaration, which appeared in the Spectator of Tuesday last:


The dying Declaration of William Westwood, alias “Jackey Jackey.”

“I, William Westwood, wish to die in the Communion of Christ’s Holy Church, seeking mercy of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. — Amen.

“I wish to say, as a dying man, that I believe four men now going to suffer are innocent of the crime laid to their charge, viz :— Lawrence Kavenagh, Henry Whiting, William Pickthorne, and William Scrimshaw. I declare that I never spoke to Kavenagh on the morning or the riots; and these other three men had no part in the killing of John Morris as far as I know of. I have never spoke a disrespectful word of any man since my confinement. I die in charity with all men, and now I ask your prayers for my soul!

William Westwood, Aged 26 years.”

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