Courier (Hobart, Tas. : 1840 – 1859), Tuesday 26 January 1841, page 2

Murder! Fifty Sopvereigns Reward and a Free Pardon.

Police Department, Hobart, 16th January, 1841.

Whereas William Trueston and William Clark, servants in the employ of Mr. William Brodribb, of the Hunting Ground, were inhumanly murdered at the Great Lake, in the District of Bothwell, on or about Friday, the 27th day of November now last past, and the perpetrators of the said Murder are as yet undiscovered : This is to give notice that I am authorised by His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor to offer a Reward of Fifty Sovereigns for the discovery and apprehension of the said Murderers (provided such discovery and apprehension be not affected by a principal in the said Murder) and should such service be performed by a Prisoner of the Crown, then, in addition to such Reward, he will be recommended to the Secretary of State for a Free Pardon.

And I further notify, that should the said Murder have been committed by George Birrell, John Beard, and John Fisher, then that the Reward now offered will be paid by the Government in addition to the One Hundred Sovereigns already offered for the apprehension of these men in the Gazette of the 12th day of June. 1838.

JOSIAH SPODE, Chief Police Magistrate.

N.B. The public are requested to take notice that, in addition to the above, a Reward of One Hundred Sovereigns for the discovery of the Murder has been offered by Mr. Brodribb, and £40 by the fellow-servants of the murdered men.

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