Spotlight: Mrs. Thunderbolt (11 March 1867)

Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 – 1875), Monday 11 March 1867, page 5

“MRS THUNDERBOLT.” – We learn that the bushranger Thunderbolt’s wife, who was lately sent to gaol for three months by the Paterson bench, for having property in her possession, which she could not account for, has within the past few days been released from the Maitland gaol, the statements of a petition sent by her to the Governor, setting forth that she had put purchased the property from Messrs. Wolfe and Garrick’s store in West Maitland, having been borne out. We are informed that the unfortunate woman stated to the Paterson bench, that she bought the property from the store named; that they remanded the case to allow her to prove her statement, but that being kept in custody she was unable to produce evidence when the case was again called on, and was therefore sent to gaol. – Ensign

Mount Alexander Mail (Vic. : 1854 – 1917), Monday 18 March 1867, page 2


Mrs Thunderbolt.— The “wife ” of Fred. Ward, better known by the soubriquet of ” Captain Thunderbolt,” the bushranger, has been released from Maitland gaol. This woman was incarcerated by the Paterson magistracy on a charge of having goods in her possession for which she failed to offer a satisfactory account. She made a statement before the court that she had obtained the goods at a certain store in West Maitland, but was unable to prove it before the bench. Her imprisonment created some discontent, and the Government ordered her enlargement within the last few days.— Maitland Ensign.

Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 – 1950), Tuesday 26 March 1867, page 2

MR AND MRS THUNDERBOLT – A story has been brought to Tinonee by the Gloucester mailman that Thunderbolt, the celebrated bushranger, called at Mr Thomas Brown’s inn, Gloucester, a few days ago, and left a child either there or or at Mr Lavers’s accommodation house in the same neighbourhood. It is also stated that Thunderbolt’s wife is now in the same vicinage. – Manning River News

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