Spotlight: Johnny Gilbert at Young (6 June 1863)

Yass Courier (NSW : 1857 – 1929), Saturday 6 June 1863, page 2


(From our Marengo correspondent.)

June 3. — I have just received information to the effect that Messrs. Gilbert and Co , yesterday, at Young, took advantage of all the police being engaged at the races, to pay a professional visit at the Redshirt Store, Petticoat Flat (Mr. Herbert’s), and ransacked its contents, carrying off much booty. As Mr. Gilbert seems to possess all the ubiquitous and invisible power of his arch-prototype Gardiner, I suppose it is almost unnecessary to remark that neither he nor the booty has since been seen or heard of. [We have heard that the same party stuck-up Mr. Chard’s store, on the same day. — Ed. Y. C.]

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  1. And my ancestor Mr Chard was not amused. loving these original source newspaper articles.

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