Spotlight: Jackey Jackey at Glenorchy (09/08/1845)

Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tas. : 1835 – 1880), Saturday 9 August 1845, page 57


The inhabitants of Glenorchy have been kept in a state of doubt and anxiety for the last few days and nights by the absconding of the notorious Sydney bushranger, known by the epithet of “Jackey Jackey” from the “station” situated between the 6th and 7th milestone from Hobart Town. This notorious ruffian had only been recently drafted, in a company of about 40 other prisoners, from Port Arthur, where for nearly three years he had contrived to conform himself to the rules of the place, with only three attempts to escape! and had upon one occasion distinguished himself it is said, by saving the lives of two officers from drowning. He took the bush with two other prisoners on Thursday last, from the Glenorchy “station.” On Friday evening he robbed a shepherd in the employ of Mr T. Y. Lowes, taking his gun from him, which, however he politely promised to return after he had robbed some party who could better afford to lose.

“Jackey” then proceeded with his comrades to another hut, occupied by a man named “Jones,” also in the employ of Mr. Lowes; here “Jackey” pointed the gun in at the door, while the other two, armed with long knives (which had doubtless been made at the station,) ransacked the cottage. They obtained a small quantity of powder and shot, a leg of mutton, and 10s. in money. The alarm spread like wildfire through the settlement — all were on the alert anticipating a visit, divested however, of the usual forms of introduction, and prepared to give their distinguished visitors a becoming reception. Meanwhile, it appears, that “Jackey Jackey,” with his comrades, was proceeding nearer to Hobart Town. They attacked the residence of Mr. White, near the Franklin Museum, on Sunday. Here they succeeded in carrying away a single and double-barrelled gun, a brace of duelling, and a brace of short pistols, a silver watch, gold guard and seal, a suit of wearing apparel, a bag of flour, meat, tobacco, a pair of blankets, shot-belts and shot. The police who are after them in strong numbers, have been once or twice close upon them, but they have hitherto escaped. The Government have offered the reward of a conditional pardon for their apprehension. — Courier, August 6.

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