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Aidan Phelan photographed by Kevyn Morris of the Greta Heritage Group.

A Guide to Australian Bushranging is written, researched and curated by Aidan Phelan. Aidan is a long time bushranger and history buff who has earned his stripes as a historian by spending more than 20 years researching and collecting stories about these colourful characters and events of Australian history with particular emphasis on Victorian and Tasmanian bushranging.

Aidan Phelan’s debut novel, based on the exploits of the Kelly Gang.

Aidan is in the process of writing several books on bushrangers, and has published his first novel, Glenrowan. He has assisted in research and contributed illustrations for books by other authors as well, such as Judy Lawson’s The Clarke Bushrangers: A Clash of Cultures and Ian Knight’s Australian Bushrangers 1788-1880.

He is also co-writer and historian on the in-development mini-series based on his novel Glenrowan with director Matthew Holmes, and is also involved in the development of a mini-series based on the Clarke brothers.

He recently launched his own publishing label Australian Bushranging, through which he will be publishing his own work as well as that of other authors such as Georgina Stones (An Outlaw’s Journal).

Aidan with Georgina Stones (An Outlaw’s Journal) and members of the El Dorado Heritage Committee.

A Guide to Australian Bushranging was created to provide a free resource for students and enthusiasts of history and bushranging in general, and is the culmination of a passion for history, popular culture, story telling, and Australian cultural heritage.

Aidan has a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Education. When not reading or writing about bushrangers he is a father and artist.

Contact: australianbushranging@gmail.com

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Aidan Phelan at the Old Geelong Gaol in 2022.