Spotlight: The Execution Of The Clarke Brothers As It Was Reported

Mount Alexander Mail (Vic. : 1854 – 1917), Wednesday 26 June 1867, page 3 LATEST INTELLIGENCE [PER GREVILLE AND CO., REUTER’S AGENTS.] (BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. ) Sydney, June 25. The convicted bushrangers, Thomas and John Clarke were executed at 9 o’clock this morning. The scaffold was erected in the yard of Darlinghurst Gaol. There were only about the usual number of officials and spectators present, and nothing special marked the ceremony. The men bad been most assiduously attended by their spiritual advisers, and a subdued and quiet manner, with expressions of penitence for their crimes, marked their last moments. In … Continue reading Spotlight: The Execution Of The Clarke Brothers As It Was Reported

Spotlight: Donohoe and Underwood Rob a Doctor

Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 – 1842), Thursday 24 June 1830, page 2 On the afternoon of Saturday last, as Dr. Sherwin was riding on the Windsor road; in the neighbourhood of Parramatta, two men, whom he supposes to have been Donohoe and Underwood, rushed from the side of the road, commanded him to stop, and laying hold of the horse’s reins, led him and the rider for some distance into the bush. They then commenced a diligent search on the Doctor’s person, and took from him his gold watch, and a case of lancets. … Continue reading Spotlight: Donohoe and Underwood Rob a Doctor

Spotlight: More Bushranging (1838)

Bent’s News and Tasmanian Register (Hobart Town, Tas. : 1837 – 1838), Friday 22 June 1838, page 3 More Bushranging. We copy the following from a Contempo- Another attempt at bushranging has been made by five armed men, named Thomas Fisher, John Beard, Benjamin Ball, George Birrell, and James Ely, (the last mentioned having been since apprehended.) They commenced their depredations at Mr. Edmund Bryant’s, whose house they robbed. They took away a double-barrelled gun from a shepherd’s hut belonging to Mr. Bryant, and also visited Mr. Corbett’s farm, and took away another double-barrelled gun-and at the hut of Mr. … Continue reading Spotlight: More Bushranging (1838)

Spotlight: The Bushranger’s Hut

The country now became more open, and our view was extended over undulating downs of thinly-wooded pasturage, with the blue tips of the western mountains rising in the distance. Here we met another curiosity of the morning, lt was no less than the ruins of a hut belonging to the notorious bushman, Michael Howe.

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