Spotlight: Reward notice for Birrell, Fisher and Beard (1841)

This is to give notice that I am authorised by His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor to offer a Reward of Fifty Sovereigns for the discovery and apprehension of the said Murderers (provided such discovery and apprehension be not affected by a principal in the said Murder) and should such service be performed by a Prisoner of the Crown, then, in addition to such Reward, he will be recommended to the Secretary of State for a Free Pardon.

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Spotlight: Bothwell (1840)

We have received some additional information respecting the Bushranging, robbery, and murder affair in the district of Bothwell, and the consequences of the absence of that Police Magistrate. At half-past 11 ‘o’clock on Sunday the 29th ultimo, one of the neighbouring magistrates was roused out of bed by the arrival of a messenger from Bothwell, with a letter from the district constable, stating that a woman, who had been ill-used in the settlement, lay in such a dangerous state, that her life was despaired of, and that it would be necessary to take her evidence immediately, at the same time informing him that the Assistant Police Magistrate was not home.

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