Spotlight: THE LEGEND OF BEN HALL (2017) Clip – “The bills are cut in half”

The Legend of Ben Hall is a 2016 independent Australian film depicting the last few months of the life of legendary outlaw Ben Hall. This clip shows part of the fateful hold-up at Jugiong that sealed the fate of the Hall gang.

The Legend of Ben Hall is available in Australia and Germany on DVD and Blu-Ray, iTunes, Ozflix and YouTube Movies. It has also been signed up for HBOEurope and is released in America on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 1, 2017.

Spotlight: Trailer – Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

Philippe Mora’s 1976 film Mad Dog Morgan is, to date, the only depiction of Morgan’s life on screen. Starring Dennis Hopper, it mixes fact and fiction to create a version of Morgan that tries to examine the man behind the legend and what pushes a man to a life of violence and robbery.

Mad Dog Morgan is available on DVD and YouTube.