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Aaron Sherritt: Persona non Grata

In this new book by Aidan Phelan (A Guide to Australian Bushranging, Glenrowan) the true story of Aaron Sherritt’s involvement in the Kelly saga is revealed. Was he truly the traitor he has been accused of being? From his poverty-stricken childhood, to his lawless youth, we see Aaron’s life reflecting the society around him and the emerging Australian identity. His close friendship with Joe Byrne sees them both in and out of mischief until Ned Kelly enters their lives and things spiral out of control. Aaron is forced to make the difficult choice about whether he will protect his best friend and risk being imprisoned as a sympathiser, or help the police to catch him – or perhaps there is another option… With a foreword by Georgina Stones (An Outlaw’s Journal)


Glenrowan by Aidan Phelan (Defintive Edition)

[Price includes Australian Domestic Postage] The Kelly Gang have been on the run for months and are the most wanted men in the British Empire. No expense has been spared in the hunt to bring them to justice. With the introduction of highly specialised trackers to hunt them and rumours of treachery amongst their supporters, the outlaws are desperate. Soon their leader, Ned Kelly, will hatch a plan that will not only bring an end to the pursuit, but will leave an indelible mark on the history of Australia. Glenrowan is the story of how one man’s burning obsession can have far reaching consequences, and how a tiny town between towns became as iconic as Gettysburg or Waterloo. [568 pages; individually signed by the author]


An Outlaw’s Journal Art Cards (Complete Set of 7)

[Price includes Australian Domestic Postage] This collection of seven A6 art cards features a mixture of artwork by Aidan Phelan in traditional and digital mediums, each one reflecting characters and moments from ‘An Outlaw’s Journal’. Each card is on high quality gloss card ready to frame or pin for display.


The Clarke Bushrangers: A Clash of Cultures by Judy Lawson (2nd Edition)

[Price includes Australian domestic postage] The Clarke bushrangers were accused of multiple murders and over 80 robberies in the short time they roamed the Braidwood district. The first edition of this book was concerned with legal records solely relating to the murders, this edition includes extra information on the murders and also an analysis of the robberies from a legal perspective. The established truth behind these bushranging episodes that, until now has been based on very inaccurate historical reporting, is uncovered. This edition also includes information on the trial of Tommy and Johnny Clarke. For several reasons the trial should have been condemned as a mistrial and the appeal upheld. The problem encountered in Braidwood and district at the time were fuelled by conflicting issues of race, culture and religion, it was exacerbated by the righteous attitudes of British rule and the large number of convicts and their descendants. Laws were made to benefit the gentry. [188 pages; individually signed by the author]


The Kelly Gang or The Outlaws of the Wombat Ranges by G. W. Hall

[Price includes Australian Domestic Postage] Produced by George Wilson Hall, the owner of the Mansfield Guardian in 1879. It is the first and rarest book on Ned Kelly, there being only four copies known to exist, with none in private hands. Hall was close to several informants and appears to have exceptional first-hand accounts of Stringybark Creek and other Kelly encounters. This new edition includes rare photographs of the participants from the period. [136 pages]


The Origin, Career and Destruction of the Kelly Gang by F. Hunter

[Price includes Australian Domestic Postage] Originally published in 1894 and one of the rarest of all Kellyana, this has been out of print in any form for over 100 years. Fully illustrated with contemporary engravings and photographs, for the 140th anniversary of the events at Stringybark Creek. [120 pages]


The True Story of the Kelly Gang of Bushrangers by C. H. Chomley

[Price includes Australian Domestic Postage] Published in 1900, this is a highly researched biography of the notorious 19th-century Victorian family of bushrangers. C. H. Chomley wrote the biography using court documents, police records and court evidence. It is recognised as being one of the most accurate depictions of the story of Ned Kelly, particularly regarding the police involvement. [140 pages]


The Girl Who Helped Ned Kelly by C. E. Taylor

[Price includes Australian Domestic Postage] Originally serialised in 1929, and out of print for 90 years, the book was written within the life spans of people who knew the Kellys – Taylor even interviewed Ned’s brother Jim prior to writing the book, while Ellen Kelly had died only a few years before it was published. With that in mind, The Girl Who Helped Ned Kelly represents one of, if not the earliest romanticised fiction of Ned Kelly. With original illustrations, introduced by Gabriel Bergmoser. [262 pages]


ETT Kelly Classics Bundle

[Price includes Australian Domestic Postage] Get all four ETT Kelly Classics in one convenient bundle. Includes: – The Origin, Career and Destruction of the Kelly Gang by F. Hunter – The Girl Who Helped Ned Kelly by C. E. Taylor – The True Story of the Kelly Gang of Bushrangers by C. H. Chomley – The Kelly Gang or The Outlaws of the Wombat Ranges by G. W. Hall


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