The most grisly bushranger stories

[Warning: The content in this article may be distressing for some readers. Discretion is advised.] Justin Kurzel’s hyper-stylised and ultraviolent interpretation of True History of the Kelly Gang received positive reviews when it debuted in Toronto in September 2019 and … Continue reading The most grisly bushranger stories

William Westwood: An Overview

One of the most popular highwaymen of the earlier half of the 19th century, William Westwood arrived in Australia as a teenager and soon became one of the most renowned highwayman in Australian history using the pseudonym Jacky Jacky but met a grisly end on Norfolk Island. Continue reading William Westwood: An Overview

Harry Power: An Overview

When we picture bushrangers we think of wild young men on horseback dodging police and sticking up coaches but Harry Power certainly did not fit that image. Power (alias Henry Power, Johnstone) is forever remembered as the tutor of Ned Kelly but there was a time when he could capture the imagination on his own terms. Continue reading Harry Power: An Overview

Spotlight: “I Welcome Death as a Friend” – The Last Letter of William Westwood

For his part in leading a prison riot at Norfolk Island that resulted in the death of a prison guard, William Westwood (alias Jackey Jackey) was sentenced to execution by hanging. On the eve of his execution, Westwood dictated a letter to be given to the Protestant Reverend. It is herein reproduced in its entirety. Continue reading Spotlight: “I Welcome Death as a Friend” – The Last Letter of William Westwood