Spotlight: For Frank Gardiner

Owen Suffolk was a bushranger who spent more than a decade in prison for a range of crimes, particularly Pentridge Prison. Suffolk gained the moniker “The Poet” for his deftness with poetry much of which refers to the experience of convicts and bushrangers. Perhaps his most well-known is For Frank Gardiner. It is a bold declaration of defiance and desire for freedom at any cost, the sort of liberty the outlaw archetype represents free from the constraints of the law and the mores of society; a liberty denied Frank Gardiner when he was finally apprehended at Apis Creek and dragged back to New South Wales. Continue reading Spotlight: For Frank Gardiner

Spotlight: The Streets of Forbes

Many songs of bushrangers have made a big impact culturally, but The Streets of Forbes is one of the most significant. Depicting the death of Ben Hall, it has been performed all around the world by scores of artists who each spice it with their own flavour. Folklore states that the words were originally written by John Maguire, Hall’s brother-in-law, it is perhaps the first recorded instance of the rumours about Billy Dargin being sent to assassinate Hall in his sleep. Continue reading Spotlight: The Streets of Forbes