Spotlight: EARLY TROUBLES OF THE COLONISTS by J. E. Calder (Pt. 6)

In this installment we learn of Michael Howe’s solo career following his escape from Hobart, and the fatal incident involving his old companion Watts, and their mutual associate Slambo. We also learn of Howe’s brush with bushranger-to-be, Musquito. Continue reading Spotlight: EARLY TROUBLES OF THE COLONISTS by J. E. Calder (Pt. 6)

Bushranging Gazette #5

Thursday, 1 July 2021 Though there’s not as much news to report this month, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been things happening worth talking about. This past month saw regular spots for A Guide to Australian Bushranging on Evenings on ABC Radio Hobart and Northern Tasmania where listeners were able to learn about local bushrangers such as Michael Howe, Matthew Brady, Musquito and Martin Cash (among other lesser known figures). It was also a month of anniversaries, as June sees the anniversary of the hangings of the Clarke brothers and Rocky Whelan, and the Glenrowan siege, all of which received … Continue reading Bushranging Gazette #5

Aboriginal Peoples and Bushranging: An Overview 

Telling the history of bushranging in Australia would not be complete without making note of the importance of Aboriginal peoples on both sides of the law. Whether we are referring to bushrangers like Musquito or Jimmy Governor, or the “black trackers” that so many police forces relied on to help them track down fugitives, it would be utterly ignorant to not highlight their contribution to this unique history. Continue reading Aboriginal Peoples and Bushranging: An Overview