Spotlight: Reward notice for William Westwood

WHEREAS it has been represented to the Government that William Westwood, by the Ship Mangles (7), a Prisoner of the Crown, commonly known by the name of Jacky Jacky, who was convicted at the late Circuit Court, at Berrima, and sentenced to Transportation for Life, has effected his escape from the Watch-house at Picton, and is now at large :— His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified, that a reward of Twenty Pounds will be paid to any Free person or persons who shall apprehend the said Jacky Jacky, and lodge him in any of Her Majesty’s Gaols

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Bushranging Gazette #4

Tuesday 1 June, 2021 The past month has seen fewer headlines, but by no means has it been without news. In this issue of Bushranging Gazette we discuss some recent occurrences and highlight related articles that have popped up, including a book announcement and the passing of two popular authors. A Guide to Australian Bushranging on the radio 7pm tonight Aidan Phelan will be discussing Tasmanian bushrangers with Paul McIntyre. Tassie locals can tune into 936 AM (radio) or Channel 25 (television) for ABC Radio Hobart. You can listen to the broadcast online here: New book announced covers … Continue reading Bushranging Gazette #4

Spotlight: The Port Arthur Bushrangers

Colonial Times (Hobart, Tas. : 1828 – 1857), Tuesday 5 April 1842, page 3 THE PORT ARTHUR BUSHRANGERS. The report that Westwood, or as he is generally called “the notorious Jacky Jacky,” has absconded from Port Arthur with six of his Sydney comrades and three of the Port Arthur “old hands,” has occasioned no trifling alarm in the minds of those who may be subjected to their visitation. Bad as are many of the individuals at that settlement, those who have absconded are perhaps the worst of the whole number — men, who are regardless of consequences, and who imagine … Continue reading Spotlight: The Port Arthur Bushrangers

Ten Bushrangers Who Deserve Their Own Movie

With multiple film productions about Ned Kelly underway, it’s clear that bushrangers are becoming a popular topic once more. However, there are many bushrangers who deserve their own films as well and here are some of the great stories waiting to be brought to life. Some have been brought to the screen before in silent films that have since vanished, some were slated to be filmed but the projects never got off the ground and some just had bad outings in the past. Continue reading Ten Bushrangers Who Deserve Their Own Movie

William Westwood: An Overview

One of the most popular highwaymen of the earlier half of the 19th century, William Westwood arrived in Australia as a teenager and soon became one of the most renowned highwayman in Australian history using the pseudonym Jacky Jacky but met a grisly end on Norfolk Island. Continue reading William Westwood: An Overview

Spotlight: “I Welcome Death as a Friend” – The Last Letter of William Westwood

For his part in leading a prison riot at Norfolk Island that resulted in the death of a prison guard, William Westwood (alias Jackey Jackey) was sentenced to execution by hanging. On the eve of his execution, Westwood dictated a letter to be given to the Protestant Reverend. It is herein reproduced in its entirety. Continue reading Spotlight: “I Welcome Death as a Friend” – The Last Letter of William Westwood