Bushranging Gazette #19

Thursday, 1 September 2022 Victorian Bushrangers at Geelong Gaol On 7 August, A Guide to Australian Bushranging‘s Aidan Phelan gave a presentation at the Old Geelong Gaol about Victorian bushrangers. The talk ranged from an introduction to bushrangers to the lives and careers of several notable Victorian outlaws. Among the stories told during the presentation were those of Bradley and O’Connor, Captain Melville, Harry Power and Thomas Menard. Menard has a special connection to the gaol as he was hanged there for murder and was buried in the grounds. The event was well received and the venue proved to be … Continue reading Bushranging Gazette #19

Spotlight: How Harry Power Escaped from Pentridge

Harry Power was one of the last bushrangers during the height of the bushranging era. He had a reputation for escaping from tight situations and traversing large distances in short periods of time. One of his most renowned deeds was … Continue reading Spotlight: How Harry Power Escaped from Pentridge