*** Updated for 2021 ***

As a bushranger enthusiast it’s always bothered me that there’s such a lack of bushranger related things to wear and use so I decided to fill the gap in the market myself and have a whole bunch of bushranger related designs on Redbubble:


This gives customers a wider range of products, and most at slightly better prices. However, there is also a merchandise store at TeePublic, where you can get some of the designs that haven’t yet been put up on the Redbubble store. Some of these designs have a more vintage feel to them, if that’s your thing, but all of the designs across both stores are original and unique to Australian Bushranging. All products are high quality and made to order, ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to phone covers and mugs and beyond.


I addition, there is also a shop page on this website where you will be able to get exclusive items such as books and art cards as they become available. Payment options include PayPal and credit card.


Purchasing merchandise from any of these outlets helps support the ongoing work I do for A Guide to Australian Bushranging while also catering to the bushranging enthusiasts who are tired of the same mass-produced items that can be found everywhere from tourist traps to tobacconists. I always make sure never to put up a design I wouldn’t be happy to wear on my own clothes or other items, and many of these items are in my personal wardrobe. You can rest assured that what you will be getting is a quality, bespoke item and not something churned out in a factory in Bangladesh and sold at 300% profit.

~ Aidan Phelan

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