Spotlight: Power’s Cub

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Thursday 12 May 1870, page 3


Power’s cub has been taken, though (states the Benalla Ensign) the old fox has up to the present managed to escape. It was hoped when the information reached here that Kelly was visible in his old whereabouts, that Power was not very far off, and superintendent Nicolas himself went to look after the prey. We purposely pass over the particulars ; but it came to pass that very early on Wednesday morning, while everybody else was sleeping, Mr. Nicolas, with sergeant Whelan and mounted-constables Arthur and Mullane, found themselves surrounding Mrs. Kelly’s shanty, about four miles on the Benalla side of Greta, on the Eleven Mile Creek, well armed with breech-loaders and revolvers, where they captured their quarry at daybreak, and conveyed him to the lock-up. The entrance of the escort into Benalla was quite imposing, the prisoner being surrounded by his captors, and every now and then a smile passed over his face as he recognised some one he knew. Prisoner has grown since he was last in the dock charged with robbing a Chinaman at the shanty, when the cunning of himself and mates got him off. On being lodged in the lock-up he became very moody in his old quarters, not relishing them at all, and appeared quite exhausted with the life he had been leading. He is very pale, and has learned to smoke while out at night with Power. It is well known that he professes not to care for his life, but we rather incline to think that, however well he might be armed, if he was met by a firm, bold man, equally well armed, he would give in. We hold the same opinion of Power, but might be mistaken. Kelly was brought up at the Police Court on Thursday morning, and two charges were preferred against him — the first for robbery in company, and the second for highway robbery under arms. Mr. Nicolas applied for a remand for a week, as he said it would be impossible for him to collect the evidence in a shorter time, and the application was granted, when it is to be hoped we may have the satisfaction of witnessing Power arraigned alongside the young man whose ruin he has sealed.

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