Spotlight: Donohoe and Underwood Rob a Doctor

Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 – 1842), Thursday 24 June 1830, page 2

On the afternoon of Saturday last, as Dr. Sherwin was riding on the Windsor road; in the neighbourhood of Parramatta, two men, whom he supposes to have been Donohoe and Underwood, rushed from the side of the road, commanded him to stop, and laying hold of the horse’s reins, led him and the rider for some distance into the bush. They then commenced a diligent search on the Doctor’s person, and took from him his gold watch, and a case of lancets. The robbers then observed that they could obtain twenty pounds for the watch, but as the Doctor, most probably, set a value on it above its intrinsic worth, they would let him have it back again for two pounds, if he could procure the money in any reasonable time, as he had none about him. The Doctor readily acceded to this proposal, and immediately rode off to the Darling Mills, where he borrowed all the money which the person to whom he applied had at the instant, namely, one pound ten shillings, and returned directly to the place where he was attacked, but did not find the men there. He called out, however, ” It is I — Sherwin,” and they then issued from the thicket, received the money, which the Doctor assured them was all he could obtain in so short a time, gave him back his watch and lancets, and departed, wishing the Doctor good day.

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