Spotlight: Capture of Jeffs and Conway (1843)

Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 – 1899), Wednesday 7 June 1843, page 4


We announced in our last that Jeffs and Conway had been captured. The party, headed by Mr. Thomas Connell, had explored the ground in the neighbourhood without success, and the constable had intimated to the Campbell Town police magistrate that the bushrangers were not then there. Having heard nothing of their movements since the 17th ultimo, Mr. Stuart ordered that the party should continue on the same field, until positive intelligence of the appearance of Jeffs and his companion at some other point should be made known. But on Friday last, as the constables were approaching a hut on the South Esk, occupied by Mr. Youl’s shepherd, both the bushrangers rushed from the dwelling, and endeavoured to elude the party by doging behind trees. Jeffs, we believe, threw down his gun, but afterwards resumed it. However, upon being repeatedly summoned to surrender, and seeing escape impossible, they both cast away their weapons, and held up their hands in token of submission. It is gratifying to learn that these men have been apprehended without farther bloodshed. The hut-keeper and another free man found in the hut, were arrested on the suspicion of harbouring Jeffs and Conway, and are now in custody at Campbell Town.

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