Spotlight: Apprehension and Robbery (21 May 1855)

Tasmanian Colonist (Hobart Town, Tas. : 1851 – 1855), Monday 21 May 1855, page 2

APPREHENSION OF ROCKY WHELAN. — The celebrated Norfolk Islander and bushranger John Whelan, was apprehended by constables Mulrenun and Gabriel, formerly non-commissioned officers in the 99th Regt. Whelan was in the act of purchasing a pair of boots from Mr. Gourney, of Liverpool-street on Saturday evening, when he was recognised by constable Mulrenan, to whom he was not unknown during his stay on Norfolk Island. He was not unarmed at the time of his capture, and was in no way short of cash.

HIGHWAY ROBBERY. — About 4 o’clock on Wednesday last, Mr. D. C. Brown, when riding within half a mile of Hadspen, saw a boy, son of Mr. Beams of that place, come out of the bush crying, who said he was driving a cart home when a tall well-dressed man made him go off the road, and robbed him of 17s. 6d. The man presented a pistol at him, and said if he turned his head round for the next twenty minutes he would shoot him. From the similarity of the description and the locality, this appears to be the same scoundrel who robbed Mrs. Dell about twelve o’clock on the same day. — Ibid.

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