Spotlight: The Escort Robbery (25/07/1853)

Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer (Vic. : 1851 – 1856), Monday 25 July 1853, page 2


The Melbourne newspapers of Saturday contained statements that the Private Escort had been attacked and robbed, but no particulars had been ascertained. The Argus says, “The most diligent inquiry enables us to state nothing further for certain than that the attack has taken place,” and the Herald simply states that the rumour “seems” to be too true.

We are enabled to supply a more reliable account than has reached Melbourne, the following letter from Forest Creek, having been delivered at our office yesterday. It will be perceived that although several of the Escort were wounded, there is no reason to believe that any deaths have taken place:—


Thursday Morning, 21st July, 1853.

The Melbourne Gold Escort Company was robbed last night. I have just been speaking to the manager; he says that the Escort left McIvor yesterday evening, to proceed to Kyneton, meeting there the Forest Creek Escort, belonging to the same Company; that about half way between McIvor and Kyneton, the Escort was fired on from some rocks, close to the track, the leading horse shot, and one of the mounted men in charge of the Escort, and others were wounded; the Gold, amounting to over three thousand ounces, was then carried off; it does not appear that the Escort Guard returned the shots.

The public mind is greatly agitated. About 20 mounted men formed the robbing party. All are sorry here for the outrage, as the Company is very popular.

I have written this on the stump of a fallen gum tree.

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