Part One

Concerning Brady’s early life, transportation and escape from the penal settlement at Macquarie Harbour.

Part Two

The members of Brady’s gang come and go as the law gradually catches up with them but Brady eludes capture. He falls in with a crooked cop named Thomas Kenton whose treachery almost puts an end to Brady’s career.

Part Three

The gang perform a robbery at George Meredith’s property, and a subsequent murder at Grindstone Bay leads to McCabe quitting the gang and attempting to make it on his own with tragic results.

Part Four

There is hysteria in Hobart Town at the suspected presence of the outlaws, whose bold movements across the Derwent River right under the noses of vigilantes demonstrate them as a force to be reckoned with.

Part Five

Brady’s gang perform a daring raid on the Sorell Gaol to send a message to the authorities, and in response the authorities conspire to bring down the gang from the inside.

Part Six

Brady dabbles in piracy at Swanport; performs an audacious robbery of Francis Flexmore at Green Ponds; engages in a gunfight with the authorities near Bothwell, and a drunken raid in the Lake River district ends in disaster.

Part Seven

The story takes a grim turn with a fatal raid on Elphin Station, and Brady gets revenge on Thomas Kenton.

Part Eight

The remarkable story of Matthew Brady reaches its conclusion as murder and treachery tears Brady’s gang apart, and the forces of law and order finally catch up with the notorious bushranger.

James Erskine Calder [Source]

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