Spotlight: Local Intelligence (Launceston, 09/08/1855)

People’s Advocate or True Friend of Tasmania (Launceston, Tas. : 1855 – 1856), Thursday 9 August 1855, page 2


DIDO, AND HIS MATE.— The following is a description of these two individuals from the Government Gazette :— William Driscoll, per Norfolk, tried at Middlesex, 17th June, 1833, 14 years; again at Hobart Supreme Court, 24th October 1843; life; and again at Launceston Supreme Court, 7th April 1847, life, sawyer, 5 feet 2, complexion florid, hair brown, eyes blue; native place St. Giles’s, London, two pigeons, compasses rose shamrock thistle McDonnor fish wreath of laurels bust of a woman on right arm; a full rigged ship on left arm, ring second finger on right hand. — George King, per Hindoston, tried at Leicester Boro’ Q. S., 27th February 1840, 10 years; again at Oatlands Supreme Court, 28th June 1818, life, sweep, about 5 feet, age 32, complexion rather dark, hair brown, eyes black, native place Leicester, small scar on forehead. Parties of constabulary both from Hobart Town and Launceston being out in search of these desperadoes, we expect soon to hear they are laid by the heels,

THE LATE ROCKY WHELAN. — The Governor has directed that fifty pounds be paid to Constable John Mulrennon for his meritorious conduct in capturing the notorious Whelan. Constable Mulrennon has Also received £15 from the Richmond reward of Fifty Poutids, and £40 from the friends. of the late Messrs. Axford and Dunn.

LONGFORD GAOL.— We noticed in our last issue, the escape of a notorious bushranger, named Padfield from Longford Gaol, and hinted that great negligence at least was exhibited in the supervision of the prisoners in confinement there. We are confirmed in this, opinion, now ; for since Padfield’s. escape, the irons of three prisoners, under sentence of transportation have been found cut through, and an examination of the cells has discovered the blankets cut up into strips with a brick attached to the end, showing a deliberate, and determined attempt to escape from the gaol. We trust the affair will be strictly investigated, as Padfield has been again secured.

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